Non-trivial software-oriented pieces of software that I wrote and that may be of use to others.

Here are piece of open-source software that I wrote, either on my own, or as part of my employment or thesis work. See also /programming/ for smaller programs. Also check out my github page for other or more recent things.

Anla, package verifier

Anla is an installability-oriented verification and exploration tool for Debian package repositories.

Ara, package search engine

Lost in the 30,000 packages automatically installable from your Debian system ? ara is a powerful search engine that allows you to do regular expression searches on package metadata. You can restrict subqueries to arbitrary fields, and combine them using boolean operators. The results are sorted by opoularity. ara is also available as stand-alone applications with command-line or graphical user interfaces.

Aurochs, a parser generator

Aurochs is a PEG parser generator written in Ocaml. The parsing automata is implemented in C and thus can bound to any language. Bindings are provided for Ocaml, C and Java. It can also be used as a stand-alone tool, for instance for automatic syntax hilighting.

Jsure, Javascript verifier

Jsure is a standalone Javascript verifier, a kind of lint for Javascript.

Lpcsprg LPC21xx serial programmer

This small tool implements the serial programming protocol for NXP (ex-Philips) LPC21xx-type CPUs.

MLWebMonitor, web site monitoring

This tools tends to send you mail when one of your sites goes down.

Udptool, a traffic generator and analyzer

A UDP traffic generator and analyzer, for measuring packet loss, reordering, duplication and delay.

Wipe, A UNIX tool for secure deletion

wipe is a little command for securely erasing files from magnetic media. It compiles under various unix platforms, including Linux 2. * , (Open, Net, Free)BSD, aix 4.1, SunOS 5.5.1, Solaris 2.6. wipe is released under the GPL. Pre-compiled packages are available on most Linux distributions. Under Debian, the package name is wipe .