MLWebMonitor, web site monitoring

This tools tends to send you mail when one of your sites goes down.

Do YOU want to get speedy alerts when your websites go down? Detecting if your web site is down is relatively easy, seeing when it has gone nuts without going down can be TRICKY. Do you HATE IT when you are bothered by false alarms or when your monitoring service misses a problem? Are you ANNOYED when this happens? Then mlwebmonitor can make your life easier, by sending you mail when one site goes down. Thanks to its advanced boolean combinations of regular expressions, mlwebmonitor puts YOU in the front seat and lets you specify exactly when it should send you a mail. Here is an example configuration file showing its power and its friendly syntax:

to monitor "ara"

  check that
    url ""
      /Search Debian packages using ara/ and
      /The EDOS project/ and
      /Sort cache/ and
      not /could not be located|error|exception/
    then check that
    url ""
    /ydpdict/ and /Interface for Collins dictionaries/

  on more than 3 consecutive failures
     with subject "Ara server"
     mail ""
     with subject "Dear professor"
     mail ""


It requires libpcre-ocaml and libnetclient-ocaml .

You can browse the sources or clone the latest repository by typing: git clone git://