Non-trivial software-oriented pieces of software that I wrote and that may be of use to others.

This directory holds things strictly electronic or electromagnetic. In addition to the directory contents below, you might be interested in programmers for the LPC21xx or the AVR .

Simulateur d'aube maison

Une lumière s'allumant sur plusieurs dizaines de minutes permet un réveil en douceur. Un simulateur d'aube du commerce coûtant entre 70 et 300 euros, j'ai préféré en fabriquer un moi-même.

Electronic article surveillance

Electronic article surveillance systems work by sending electromagnetic signals using coils and analyzing the response of the environment. Tags have specific behaviours that can be discriminated from most objects. A good introductory article on EAS is available on Wikipedia.

Detecting electronic article surveillance jammers

In 2007 I had the opportunity to work as a freelance hardware designer. I designed and built a jammer detector for EAS systems. You might want to read my page on EAS first.

A physical mail sensor with 433 MHz radio transmission

Tired of having to get out of your filthy hole every day to see if mail has arrived? Want to finally catch that bastard that brings physical spam to your physical mail box in order to subject him to various force fields? Phyff is for you.