Since the dawn of time, mankind wondered if a secret cabal of users systematically downvoted or upvoted stories based on keywords. Redditwatcher is an Ocaml program that follows the evolution of the scores (up and downvotes, number of comments) of stories appearing on Reddit. Typically, it takes the 50 newest stories and samples their scores at reasonable intervals, writing results into little marshalled files that can be converted to gnuplottable and R-loadable files.

/resources/ocaml/rpdown.png.thumb.png Example of a Ron Paul story getting downmodded. Black: upvotes, red: downvotes, green: comments.

Tarballs were all the rage in the beginning of the 21st century but today I'm too lazy to maintain them. Just install Mercurial, one of the DVCS du jour, and do a checkout.

You need Ocaml 3.10 or later, with Ocamlfind, Equeue, Netclient, Nethttpd. Translation: you'd better be using GODI. Compiles with just "make" but see the README file for launching instructions.

Here is the Git repository .

To check it out, type git clone git:// .