Color pictures with a B&W camera thru trichomatic illumination

It is perfectly possible to take color pictures with a black-and-white camera if you get to control the illumination of your subjects. Just take pictures under red, green and blue illumination, and then combine those into a single picture. Oh, and you can use your computer screen to produce the illumination. This results in pictures with an interesting color balance and a smooth illumination.


/resources/trichromatic/berke-tomate-1.jpeg.thumb.png And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a non-organic tomato! /resources/trichromatic/persil.jpeg.thumb.png A can of iodized but non-fluoridated sea salt; a non-organic tomato; a bundle of parlsey; an infra-red remote control unit; all carefully laid on a scarf in a superb composition. /resources/trichromatic/tomate.jpeg.thumb.png Ten euros for a can of salt and a bundle of parsley, that's the monetary union for you. /resources/trichromatic/twinings.jpeg.thumb.png A tin box of non-organic green tea.


/resources/trichromatic/celal-ozge-1.jpeg.thumb.png Celal and his girlfriend of the time Özge /resources/trichromatic/celal-ozge-2.jpeg.thumb.png Özge /resources/trichromatic/celal-ozge-3.jpeg.thumb.png Celal


/resources/trichromatic/eighth-color-capture-25012000.jpeg.thumb.png See what happens when you don't keep the lighting constant? /resources/trichromatic/first-color-capture-24012000.jpeg.thumb.png Myself in red pajamas, with cyan pajamas on my shoulder. /resources/trichromatic/berke-smug.jpeg.thumb.png I like to think of myself as half-way between Newton and Shakespeare. /resources/trichromatic/seventh-color-capture-25012000.jpeg.thumb.png That would be a picture of my head.


/resources/trichromatic/fourth-color-capture-24012000.jpeg.thumb.png A page from "Le Monde Diplomatique", mandatory reading for every liberal poseur. /resources/trichromatic/second-color-capture-24012000.jpeg.thumb.png The cover of a Tanenbaum book. /resources/trichromatic/sixth-color-capture-25012000.jpeg.thumb.png My hand, and various items from my wallet. /resources/trichromatic/third-color-capture-24012000.jpeg.thumb.png A dictionary of mathematics. A stick of glue. An apple, presumably the one that I was holding in the other picture. A wireful optomechanical mouse - a primitive pointing device that actually had a dirt-prone, disgusting moving part in it.