My resume.


Picture of Berke Durak

Software and algorithms lead for GHGSat, Inc. from Montréal, Québec where I am one of the original co-inventors of the instrument concept and developed the satellite firmware and created all of the processing algorithms (except for image alignment). I have a Ph.D. in theoretical computer science and my thesis was about formal languages, automata and descriptional complexity. In the past I worked for INRIA (as "ingénieur expert") on the EDOS (now Mancoosi ) Linux package dependency formalization project, and for the French search engine Exalead (as "ingénieur R&D") on JVM compiler for their in-house language Exascript.

FWIW I'm currently 39 years old, married to my wife Janet, two boys boys Cassius and Félix. Lived in Hamburg, Ankara, Brussels, Montpellier, Paris, Montréal. Living near Duncan (British Columbia, in Canada).

My professional interests revolve around embedded software development (low-level firmware, Linux kernel drivers for custom FPGA logic, and systems-level software) and remote sensing algorithms (image processing and atmospheric retrievals). My other interests include programming languages (I'm an OCaml advocate), electronics, amateur radio (callsign VA7OBD) and electromagnetism.